About Us

Our aim is to help traders build their online presence as well as providing consumers with an elegant solution to finding reputable traders online. Building your online presence as a trader has never been this easy. Ever.

Customers can search our directory of Crowned Traders; we hold a large database of traders who are not cowboys. Traders within our network acknowledge that their reputation is dependent upon customers' feedback.

In a society of rogue traders and cowboys, where better to start searching for a reputable trader than here at Crowned Traders, where traders are crowned for their hard work. We do our best to monitor feedback as closely as possible, traders who are consistently receiving low feedback will be reviewed and if we must we will remove them from our network.

Our Mission Statement

Crowned Traders is committed to providing traders with the best solution for building an online presence, as well as providing consumers with a fantastic experience. As a company we are determined to provide the most exquisite experience in the markets we serve.

For all press enquiries and interview requests, please visit our press centre.

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